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  • Lost weight again! However, that is as good as today has got…

    I didn’t get up until late because I was still wiped out from migraine. I saw some reasonable good news (a sign that things are going in the right direction) that the press are going to finally be allowed in family court. It has been piloted for a few years now but only in certain […]

  • I’m fed up with this weight loss stuff.

    I have been eating normally for nearly a week since I found out I am anemic again. I know that I’m not going to lose anymore weight because I have to eat less calories than I am at the moment to push my weight down further. I won’t be happy hovering around 10 and a […]

  • I’m not even choosing to do this…

    I track everything on my phone because it’s easier than writing stuff down and remembering information. I am accidentally not eating. It hasn’t been a choice. I’ve just not been hungry. I only ate 450 ish calories worth of food yesterday. And it only came over a 1000 just due to alcohol (two little bottles […]

  • I feel like I’m dying.

    I am not being overly dramatic here. I feel that bad with this migraine. I got up to put a cold migraine pain relieving strip on my forehead. It feels a lot better but I have to be back to normal by the morning because I can’t not do what I have on tomorrow. It’s […]

  • I don’t feel right today.

    I tried to do a proper walk today but I could only do 8000 steps before my leg started hurting too much. I feel sick and dizzy. I don’t want to go to get checked out because I might not be sick enough. The NHS is busy and there are strikes going on. It’s probably […]