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  • I didn’t sleep most of the night.

    I think I only slept for barely half an hour before waking up again. I’m too anxious to sleep. I really don’t want to go for the vaccination today. I have no choice now that myself and mum have appointments. I know that I booked it. I felt brave a week ago because it wasn’t […]

  • I can’t function until after vaccine.

    I’m not able to concentrate until after I’ve had the vaccine on Friday. I’m far too anxious to even concentrate on anything. I just want to flit from one thing to another so that my mind isn’t still enough to remain worried. I only have one day left to distract myself. I can’t not be […]

  • I act brave but I’m actually not regarding vaccine etc. / life advice included.

    I may act like I’m completely chilled regarding having the vaccine this week but I fear the side effects too. I have allergies that I experienced with various medications as a child. I have had dodgy skin that gets scabby every time I use a chemical that it reacts to and I bloat up easily […]