Tag: Social anxiety

  • I don’t know why but this is a thing.

    I have noticed that every time I make plans that are not my usual routine I end up with a migraine during the night. It happens every single time. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m anxious but it doesn’t feel like anxiety. I know that I don’t particularly want to go to the vets with […]

  • Late night thoughts …

    I’m doing this now because I have to be up early in the morning to take the cat to the vets. Therefore this is technically squished together near to the other post because I need to try not stay up all night. Tonight isn’t really a topic… it’s just me voicing how I feel… as […]

  • It is what it is and it can take years to accept that.

    I was always the type to make contact first. I still am a bit but only when I think what I have to say is important or meaningful. I went through years of others just not bothering to communicate with me. I literally broke my own heart waiting in certain people for many years when […]

  • Been asleep the rest of the day.

    I literally have no energy so I went back to sleep. I can’t feel my sore knee when I’m asleep either. I didn’t see daylight … well, only through the curtains but it doesn’t count if I didn’t go out in it. I could have got up earlier but I decided not to because I’m […]

  • I just can’t fix things now.

    Things were somewhat irreparable before I upset someone last night. I had to ask something they probably wouldn’t like but I had to know if there was information out there that wasn’t true. I didn’t want to upset them though. I don’t see the point in apologising because they’ve been too disconnected recently to discuss […]