Tag: pain

  • Unavailable until later this afternoon.

    I woke up feeling seriously hung over. I am only briefly awake right now because I took in my package after post person rang my door buzzer (seriously that is the equivalent to a drill to my head today). I got up to take a painkiller and drink water. Hopefully, when I’ve closed my eyes…

  • I can’t do this anymore.

    I am barely able to do anything. I end up with a very sore finger every time I try to do stuff. The x ray results still aren’t back and I can’t be like this any longer.

  • What is even the point?

    I barely slept because of everything hurting by early this morning. I still can’t use my hand without it being swollen and hurting. I woke up feeling sick because I’m that tired from lack of sleep. I just hate all of this and can’t do anything because moving around even hurts today. I’m fed up.…