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  • I have decided what I’m going to do.

    I am going to start off with expressing my sincere condolences to the queen and other members of the royal family after the death of Prince Phillip today. He never wanted a fuss but the queen especially must be feeling quite heartbroken as she has just lost her husband of 73 years. It’s a sad […]

  • I just made a decision due to stress.

    I am feeling slightly fed up as I cannot walk properly yet. I may be too stress driven due to the frustration of being injured. I hate feeling stuck in the house. I can’t even walk around my home for long without my ankle swelling in pain. It’s not as painful as yesterday but I’m […]

  • Depression is quite bad today :(

    I woke up so depressed. It comes out of no where. I have no energy and have just wanted to sleep most of today. I found out that my TMA for degree module has to be in on Thursday. I have managed to get an extension for a week. I just don’t want to do […]