Tag: Mental health

  • Random ideas that just enter my head on a walk…

    I am walking so this is going to be a quick one. It’s not easy typing and walking. I decided that I will do Christmas again because I think someone needs to be the one to cheer everyone up who doesn’t like Christmas for whatever reason. I want to make people smile. What if (not […]

  • I was woken up by heavy rain at a stupid hour.

    I got to sleep quite late and got woken up by rain. That shows how much of a light sleeper I am. This rain is here for the rest of the week. It sucks. That means I might have a few rest days from walking. I need them anyway because my knee is being a […]

  • I’m still awake. I should be asleep after only 4 hours yesterday.

    I’m tired but still not asleep. I didn’t go to bed early. Instead, I logged onto TikTok live and had half a bottle of wine (it tasted as cheap as the price). I had something to eat but I’m not really up to eating much at the moment. I probably should have just gone to […]

  • I know why I’m so tearful now.

    I just checked my phone and apparently, I only had 4 hours sleep today (didn’t sleep last night). That explains why I am tired and tearful. I’m still wound up and restless but the other part of it is explained with lack of sleep. I got home to have a bath after a walk. I’m […]

  • I need to walk. Don’t know where I’m going to end up. I just need to go.

    I decided to ditch my car and continue to walk for a bit. I’m restless ok. I hate this life and it’s destroying me. The loneliness is killing me slowly. I have never felt this lonely in my life. It must be an age thing. I’m tired and I wish people would just listen but […]