Tag: Mental health

  • I couldn’t sleep so I got up and did stuff (Updated entry)

    I briefly fell asleep but woke up randomly after a dream. I woke up shouting and I don’t even know what I was dreaming about. It must have been disturbing to wake up like that. Anyway, I woke up and haven’t wasted my time while I’ve been awake during the night. The complaint about the […]

  • Ugh! The stuff never ends!

    I got the PIP (personal independence payments) form through today so now the tone of this year has officially been set. I can tell you now how that is going to go. It’s a pre determined system for everyone that enters that system. I will get that form filled in. They will then come back […]

  • Finally got to have proper sleep this week!

    I just woke up. It wasn’t really proper sleep but for me that was decent sleep. I’m always on and off when it comes to sleep anyway so a few hours of being completely knocked out is good enough in general. I didn’t check my phone all morning so I actually got a break. I […]

  • I should be asleep by now.

    I got home late. I briefly fell asleep on the sofa earlier before I had to go out. I’ve just got home and have just got in the bath after trying to get mister to take his medication. He just won’t take it tonight but he’s taken it every other night so far. It makes […]

  • I’m putting my positives out there… for once.

    I always go on about the bad experiences on here because that is normally what kind topics I cover. However, for one night only I’m going to put all the positives about me in this entry. I’m not the typical person you’d find on benefits. There is so much more to me than being disabled […]