Tag: Insomnia

  • I’m now having to go against who I am.

    Those that know me will get how difficult these guidelines I’ve made for myself is going to be to actually do. I know I’m always the person who doesn’t like fake. However, I realise that this is what I have got to do in order to increase follower numbers etc. I literally have to go […]

  • And the pattern continues…

    So… I didn’t get back to sleep. I can’t get out of this pattern. If I can’t then I can never get anything done. I’m needing a few hours of sleep at the least because it is the only way my finger and knee swelling reduces. I don’t like being stuck this way.

  • Unpopular opinion…

    I just had a post come up on my twitter newsfeed. It was a poll asking whether if the community or other people caused a person’s suicide would they be responsible for someone’s death. The answer that was voted for was yes, definitely they are responsible. I voted for that option too. I know we […]

  • I don’t know.

    I woke up about half 5 this morning after a few hours sleep. I’m not really tired but it’s only half 6 so I don’t want to get up either. If I go back to sleep for a while (which will be hard because I’m not tired) then I won’t be tired later. I have […]

  • I can’t move because of outside influences.

    I told myself that I was refusing to be affected by how outside influences are being. It just isn’t that easy despite getting an attitude of f you to everyone who doesn’t treat me how I deserve to be treated. I slept but I’m still extremely drained. I actually did have a dream for the […]