Tag: Insomnia

  • I just can’t today.

    I managed to walk a little bit, go home and do a few bits but now I just can’t do anything else. I feel dizzy. Earlier I felt like I was actually going to fall over. So, I’m going to bed until tomorrow because I can feel the migraine coming back. I at least got […]

  • Rain dodging so had to chose between sleep and getting up.

    I only got to sleep about 8 am and was up but half 11. I couldn’t sleep in because the rain would have come in by that point and the local shops shut quite early. I feel very tired but if I stay awake until about 10, I can reset my sleep pattern. The joint […]

  • Sleep didn’t happen again… I don’t know what I want and I’m very tired.

    I have had a restless night. I’ve moved around so much that my duvet cover is all screwed up. I have a cat curled up next to me within that duvet mess. I’m passed the point of being tired. Physically and mentally, I’m feeling burnt out. I don’t sleep properly so don’t really get any […]

  • I need to stop falling asleep.

    I was so lucky that I woke up in time otherwise I wouldn’t have had time to ring to book the x ray on my finger. I was woken up by my cat complaining that his bowl was empty about half 3 this afternoon. I woke up at dinner time but was still tired so […]

  • Sleep issues are driving me crazy.

    I’m still awake at half 5 in the morning. I just can’t sleep. As I said in the previous entry I just don’t settle which is why I was quitting the epic walking distances. I have to be awake during the day to make the phone call to book the x ray. I literally can’t […]