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  • I’m going on camera during the weekend.

    Those that know me are fully aware that I prefer not to go on camera but there are reasons that I feel like I must. Lies can be told easier about someone if they don’t show themselves from behind a screen. I prefer written form but I can’t convey what I wanting to do so […]

  • I need to speak my truth but I can’t.

    Speaking your truth has actually become a popular term used since the whole Megan and Harry stuff happened. I may own a blog but I still feel silenced by others because I set to lost stuff if I speak out. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t really need that stuff. I hear that both of […]

  • Everything is done can’t wait until this week is over.

    I really do hope that I sleep tonight. I can’t wait until this week is actually over. I have to be up at an around hour tomorrow to take the cats to the vets. Once he is dropped off I have to take the car to the garage because the breaks are feeling a little […]

  • I’m needing to sleep but it’s not happening now.

    It’s now gone 6 am and I have literally walked around my flat several times to wear myself out. It’s not happening. I’m not even feeling emotional. I have managed to numb that part of me at the moment. I have caught up with all my paperwork but shouldn’t have done it because now I’ve […]

  • I couldn’t sleep so I got up and did stuff (Updated entry)

    I briefly fell asleep but woke up randomly after a dream. I woke up shouting and I don’t even know what I was dreaming about. It must have been disturbing to wake up like that. Anyway, I woke up and haven’t wasted my time while I’ve been awake during the night. The complaint about the […]