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  • I need a break.

    I couldn’t walk like I had been the last could of days continuously. I am only human. If I keep going my knee is going to not let me walk at all. It started to hurt. I get dry sore patches of skin under my arm pits when I have done too much. It’s really […]

  • Walking again… we are like second in the club leader board.

    I am walking again but now I don’t feel under pressure because others have joined the challenge too. There wasn’t many on the list until yesterday. We are second on the leader board. I’m first on our clubs but now others have joined I am being rapidly caught up by other members getting points. The […]

  • The snap fitness walking challenge.

    I walk every day anyway so I joined it because I literally can’t go to the gym to train at the moment due to injury. I put a photo up there but of the back of my head showing my hair the other day. I don’t have a recent good front facing photo. I thought […]