Tag: exercise

  • :( may have overdone it.

    I did 30,000 ish steps on my walk yesterday and 32,000 ish steps today. It wasn’t supposed to be that long today but I had to take a detour back into town trying to find somewhere. I now feel extremely stiff and my calf muscle hurts. I probably have lots of blisters on my feet […]

  • Weight loss has random side effects :/

    I have lost a bit of weight since I started walking regularly. I have cut down on alcohol and fizzy drinks too. I feel worse for trying to get healthy. I hope it gets better as I get used to the new lifestyle. I don’t even feel hungry much. I think my stomach has shrunk. […]

  • Snow day, reintroducing myself to exercise etc.

    I woke up to snow today. I actually wasn’t even aware that it had snowed before I checked my social networks while half asleep. I had a local groups post pop up on my newsfeed saying that there was lots of snow in the park. Then I had a phone call asking me if I’d […]

  • Laziness time over!

    I went for a walk today because I have been inside far too long. The fact that it’s not raining any longer is most of the reason I decided to go out today. I have stuff to do at home which can be done later. I did some of it. I cannot get the cats […]