Tag: depression

  • Welcome to personality disorder life…

    I know I’m being moody and a general grump right now but this is the reality of personality disorder (which I was given by how people treated me for my autism). If someone I liked ignores me and generally makes me feel like shit… I get an attitude and more pissed off about what life […]

  • Depressed today… didn’t even get up.

    I didn’t even get out of bed today yet (it’s nearly 6pm). I need to get up to do stuff but I’m not keen. I definitely need to wash my hair because it’s starting to feel dirty now. That feels like a huge task to think about right now. I know it doesn’t sound a […]

  • Reluctantly getting up.

    I have to get up to sort a few things out. It’s not something I want to do. Things are upsetting me but certain others at the centre of those things aren’t making an effort to address them. I’m trying not to show my anger again because it’s not going to help. I’m just going […]

  • I haven’t had a good day.

    I forced myself to do the bare minimum today. Apparently you should have a rest day after a gym session so this will be mine. I only walked out to get the cat litter from the car earlier. I’m just about on my monthly so probably that is giving me depression. It’s 3 days late […]

  • On a personal level – I had to do this…

    I split todays posts up because one was purely blog related and this is written on a more personal level. I did say that I was going to be more of a player this year to ensure that I didn’t get hurt. That is exactly what I’m sticking to doing. I don’t want to walk […]