I have never let my home get this dirty.

I have never let things get this dirty. The overflow pipe is probably getting bad for my skin to be near the water around it. I tried to get hold of another plumber about it today… but no reply. I can’t let it stay like that much longer because I can see the mould bursting out of the vents. I haven’t cleaned properly in weeks because my sleep pattern is so not a pattern. I barely get any sleep. I wake up every few hours so my energy levels have gone down too much to even walk a lot on a daily basis. I can’t get a good nights sleep even if I keep myself awake during the daytime. The cats made a mess on top of the stuff that already needs to be done. They know that they should poop in the litter tray… nope, not early they pooped over the edge and it got on the carpet. I can’t deal with poop well. That is why I line the litter trays with a bag so I can just pick up and throw away. I hate cleaning it off of things. It makes me feel sick. Then there is my hair which is so dry right now I can barely brush it without it knotting. I use treatment on it both for protein and moisture but it never seems to have any moisture. It’s reasonably ok at the roots but the ends are just really lacking moisture. I have naturally wavy hair but it isn’t going like that because there’s so little moisture getting to the ends. The ends aren’t dead. They are just really dehydrated. I’m trying to get TikTok to approve an advert to link the blog address to one of my pinned videos relating to autism but they could come back to me and say they aren’t happy with the subject matter that I talk about… well don’t approve it for under 18s then. I pressed the option that they could automatically chose the audience. I’m real, blunt, to the point. Platforms online need more of that. May I remind these platforms that they have people openly selling sex and peadophile’s grooming youngsters on these apps currently and there is nothing being done about it.

I fell asleep early but woke up at a stupid hour.

I fell asleep straight away but then woke up needing the toilet. I now have woken myself up too much. I’m quite sure the cat had a role in waking me up too. I can remember him jumping up on my bed nudging my face. The neighbours at also busy doing you know what above so the likelihood of me getting back to sleep at least for the next couple of hours are slim. That is what happens when you live in a flat. I’m sure it won’t be all night but they’re a lot younger and have a lot of energy. I just wanted one nights sleep but even without my insomnia other things ended up waking me up. I finally managed to let go of the constant fear that I had embarrassed myself while communicating with others recently. I still am a bit worried but not enough to let it keep me awake which has been the case for the last week. I need to be up tomorrow so hopefully everything goes quiet around here soon. I would go wash my hair while I’m awake until it’s quiet but it takes hours to dry and I can’t go bed with it wet. I woke up hungry which is also keeping me awake. I can’t eat though because my weight has pinged up and I can’t get it back down.

Apologies, the blog hasn’t been checked properly for a long time.

I was checking over the blog earlier only to realise that there has been so many mistakes via autocorrect because I’ve used my phone to do most the work on here. I’ve edited many of the posts, categorised and put tags on posts, also making the font larger. I have been quite distracted for a while and no one has bothered to mention that things haven’t read right etc. I haven’t been through every single post yet (that’s going to take a while because this blog was started in 2017). I’m working through them. I have done a whole load of recent entries tonight. I’m sorry things have been all over the place. I didn’t know the blog was looking so unprofessional. I have to sort that out if I want others to take me seriously. I have found out how to set all future entries up in a certain way on my phone. This will prevent it becoming disorganised and messy in the future. I type quite quickly when I’m out walking etc which is when autocorrect seems to occasionally have a mind of its own. I wish someone would have hinted to me that the blog was in need of sorting out. I’m always flitting from one thing to another. It’s nearly 2 am and I have not long got in tonight. I need to be up tomorrow. I am taking one of those CBD things before bed so probably will not be doing much more editing tonight if that knocks me out.

I’m still awake but feel better.

I finally got rid of that migraine. I’m still awake but can’t go to bed yet because I’m waiting for my hair to dry watching two pints of larger and a packet of crisps which they are currently rerunning on bbc three. I feel old and miss the 90s now. I wasn’t that old then, but I still remember that decade. For some reason mister (cat) has decided to come to paw my lap. He has now sat down on my lap. He seems to like watching this program. The 90s may come back around. The whole super skinny thing has come back around. That is annoying for those of us that are naturally curvy. I’ve lost four and a bit stone in a year and barely have any body fat left to lose but still even my frame is curvy, I can feel my bone structure around my hips, and it goes outwards. It isn’t too bad when I’m about 8 stone because I have no excess fat to make that frame larger. I’m just under 11 stone at the moment and that is where I carry all the excess fat. I had to suspend my participation in the 137 step ups challenge for the action aid charity because I don’t want to start my migraine off again and my knee is sore tonight.

Migraine today :(

I haven’t been able to check my phone today without it hurting my head. I had the worse migraine attack I’ve had in ages. It isn’t over so I may not be around later either. I felt it coming on the entire week. Today it was so bad that it literally hurt all over, the cat walked over me… she’s quite light and it was literally sore on my skin. This happened quite a lot when I was in education etc. it normally gets to a certain level, I’m sick and then after that it goes away. I still feel a bit dizzy but while I’m walking this doesn’t affect me unless I sit still. I can’t look at my phone at the moment so I’m going to go now.