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  • Been asleep the rest of the day.

    I literally have no energy so I went back to sleep. I can’t feel my sore knee when I’m asleep either. I didn’t see daylight … well, only through the curtains but it doesn’t count if I didn’t go out in it. I could have got up earlier but I decided not to because I’m […]

  • I have no agenda. I worked too hard this year have my past thrown in my face.

    I am well aware of the mistakes I’ve made before I really made an effort this year. The start of this year was up and down, I did make mistakes but it takes a few months to balance out when coming off antidepressants. I managed to do it. I was a lot larger this time […]

  • How am I supposed to feel?

    When certain conversations and circumstances come together which make me feel like crap it is really triggering for me. I don’t want to go into it fully but via email I get someone tell me they don’t mix professional life with personal life. Client is a client nothing else as that is how they met […]

  • I’m more fed up than I have been previously.

    I’m sure that many others with the BPD side can relate to being in constant emotional pain under the surface a lot. That gets worse when there are triggers all around which normally happens towards times like Christmas. I’m strong to a point because I’ve had no choice but emotionally, I have been tired for […]

  • I can’t sleep so I’m just going to have a brutally honest rant.

    Insomnia has got me again. So… it’s time for a rant. Those that tell me there is help and support out there if you ask. That is complete bullshit. Especially if you have a condition such as autism. I was obviously crying out for help in the past. I didn’t get any. I got punished […]