Tag: Autism

  • I can’t sleep again. I have news.

    So… I didn’t sleep again. I’ve gone hot so unless I cool down I’m not going to get to sleep yet. I also feel extremely sick which isn’t helping to settle enough for sleep. I was going to put this on here tomorrow but since I’m awake I will do it now. Those of you […]

  • Late night thoughts: feeling sad :(

    I don’t tend to get sad much about things now but when I do it bugs me a lot. As I said earlier, some people that are quite above me due to their job etc don’t talk to me.., unless they think I’m corrupting their children. That makes me extremely sad because I am so […]

  • This is what I am not.

    Many people assume that money attracts individuals… not every individual. That isn’t everyone. That certainly isn’t me. Yes, money would be nice but that is never what I solely base an attraction on. The person I had a crush on for instance (hopefully she isn’t reading this as she seems disinterested, although some town gossip […]

  • I slept for a while. I’m fed up with being kept awake by others actions.

    I slept for a while but I’m still not happy. It’s not only my hair that has decided to give up but also my nails keep breaking. I’ve seen two people out. One that let me down in the past and one that is currently ignoring me whether it’s intentional or not it has still […]

  • I made myself do today. 2 more days of stuff to go.

    I didn’t want to get up today. I had a lie in with the cat (he didn’t want to get up either). Luckily I managed to get the other cat to come home before I went out. I don’t think she was happy because she couldn’t get in while everyone else was snoozing. I took […]