Tag: anxiety

  • I don’t know why but this is a thing.

    I have noticed that every time I make plans that are not my usual routine I end up with a migraine during the night. It happens every single time. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m anxious but it doesn’t feel like anxiety. I know that I don’t particularly want to go to the vets with […]

  • Christmas is already mentally affecting me.

    I said that time heals… it does to a point. However, I just cannot deal with anything right now. I have completely flipped into a grumpy mood now it’s turned to the month of December. I am beyond tired because my sleep has been completely messed up for too long. Those of us with sleeping […]

  • Random question: CBD side effects.

    I’m aware that I react to things rather randomly and not at all like the average person. I have just started to take these CBD things over the last few days. I know that they don’t suit everyone but has anyone else felt aggressive on them? I’ve felt quite agitated at times but then really […]

  • Apologies, the blog hasn’t been checked properly for a long time.

    I was checking over the blog earlier only to realise that there has been so many mistakes via autocorrect because I’ve used my phone to do most the work on here. I’ve edited many of the posts, categorised and put tags on posts, also making the font larger. I have been quite distracted for a […]

  • Awake at a stupid hour but I did sleep.

    I actually got to sleep quite quickly last night but woke up really early about 7 am. I feel like I’ve had sleep but I’m going to try sleep a few more hours because I’m still tired. I woke up with my knee and finger aching. The cold weather probably isn’t helping those issues. I […]