• Fighting Labels — Refusing to stay on the ‘Vulnerable Adult List’ And, on a Section 117 Aftercare when I’m not any support for my disability issues.

    I got up at 6 am this morning to buy an envelope to send my complaint letter regarding being on the vulnerable adult’s list and still subject to a Section 117 aftercare when I am no longer receiving any services. If I don’t get off of that list and that aftercare thing (which is not […]

  • Moving on…

    I now have a new voluntary job. I’m a member of a promotional team for The One Million Project. I basically am promoting the charities work. Thier proceeds go to homelessness and cancer projects. I have to promote the work of the authors, artists, and musicians that write and produce things for the project. The […]

  • Tired. I need time alone, please.

    I apologise that I am not replying to emails unless absolutely necessary at this moment in time. For example – to pick up my distance learning assignment (GCSE Law) – I got 78 out of 100. I no longer have my former email because I needed a new start. I can’t possibly chat to others on […]

  • This is what grinds my gears…

    I excuse the fact that I have borrowed a slogan from family guy, but I thought it was appropriate for this entry. These are the things that ‘really grind my gears’. In proper English, these are the things that completely annoy me about everything that has happened. I’m frustrated for a reason, not because I […]

  • Assumptions made when diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

    I have been trying to get my Mum’s internet working properly communicating via message service with the service provider all day. It is working at the moment, however, it keeps going off intermittently. Especially at certain times which seem to be consistent every week. I got the blame for breaking my Mothers fridge when she […]