• The thought of my long day is making me anxious.

    Mister is off to the vets for his scan in the morning. I am already in bed. The food and drink have been taken up so that mister cannot eat or drink because he isn’t allowed to do so due to being given anesthetiser for his scan. I’m probably going to get woken up and […]

  • I was up but today wasn’t great.

    As I expected, it was confirmed that my washing machine would cost more to repair than replace. I was tidying the flat for a while and protein conditioned my hair (the end’s really needed it). I have popped out for a walk for the next hour. I’m going to look at washing machines online and […]

  • I need to try to sleep but I can’t.

    I am very tired because I didn’t get a lot of sleep to catch up with barely any sleep last night. I can’t sleep in these surroundings because it’s untidy and not clean enough. I know that I sound quite up myself but it makes my mind too unsettled to sleep. I also have allergies […]

  • I made myself do today. 2 more days of stuff to go.

    I didn’t want to get up today. I had a lie in with the cat (he didn’t want to get up either). Luckily I managed to get the other cat to come home before I went out. I don’t think she was happy because she couldn’t get in while everyone else was snoozing. I took […]

  • Dealing with other peoples behaviour.

    I completely fell into one of those can’t stay awake any longer deep sleep earlier. I will have a really pissed off cat come back soon because I let her out before I fell asleep. I heard her come to the window a few times when I was half asleep. I have finally got my […]