Category: Education

  • Been busy since I got up. Half sorted a few things.

    It was a good thing that I finally grew up and got over that autistic I will not use the phone thing. I’ve been trying to sort things out all day since I got up. I have managed to get my level 2 maths certificate after the place closed down and my certificate got lost. […]

  • Using my insomnia – but I found something I dispute on my course.

    I have spent two nights this week doing a mental health diploma online. I know that we aren’t supposed to dispute the course materials but this is what they defined as violent behaviour… It reads (in case photo doesn’t come up or accessibility issues due to disability) – patient exhibiting violent behaviour is the individual […]

  • Identity. Me then vs. Now.

    I know that many long term blog readers have seen me change over the time I’ve been doing this blog. I have recently lost readers because I changed my writing style due to those changes. I can’t help it if maturity has stopped a bit of my rawness. I still have tried to keep it […]

  • I’m not saying.

    I just said about networking even if I don’t like someone in my last post. However, I won’t let slip who I like and who I don’t because that is irrelevant and will technically stop any chances of me getting anywhere in life using connections. It also depends on whether I know whether people have […]

  • Triggering Christmas adverts…

    I’m by no means trying to be a Scrooge here but Christmas can already be difficult for those of us who have experienced trauma, loss etc. I am dreading it already because I see everyone with their children having fun and being happy. I can’t be with my son because he was taken for adoption […]