Category: Autism

  • Late night thoughts: feeling sad :(

    I don’t tend to get sad much about things now but when I do it bugs me a lot. As I said earlier, some people that are quite above me due to their job etc don’t talk to me.., unless they think I’m corrupting their children. That makes me extremely sad because I am so […]

  • This is my life right now.

    I am so not a good role model at the moment. I’m hoping that no one copies my lifestyle right now because this is a downward slope. I drink alcohol and pop painkillers (ibuprofen for my finger/knee to go down). It isn’t good. I have a sore head at the moment because my body is […]

  • Well, my move is probably not happening now.

    The washing machine may need replacing. I won’t know for sure until the person looks at it but if the same part keeps going it may be time to get a new one rather than paying £50 to £70 per year for part replacements. The brakes and a few other bits will need replacing soon […]

  • Unless you have the answer to my hair loss or are going to tidy my flat I’m not interested.

    I’m just not interested in anything today. I am taking my clothes with me to spin at mums because the bag wash doesn’t do the cycles separately. I couldn’t get the washing machine person today. I haven’t long woke up because I needed the sleep. I woke up with hormonal belly and my weight has […]

  • Depressed today… didn’t even get up.

    I didn’t even get out of bed today yet (it’s nearly 6pm). I need to get up to do stuff but I’m not keen. I definitely need to wash my hair because it’s starting to feel dirty now. That feels like a huge task to think about right now. I know it doesn’t sound a […]