Category: Adoption

  • Narratives etc.

    I’m quite tired so please be patient with the fact that this may not be very well written. I’ve just got into bed at half 11. I’ve done well to be up that long after the awful sleep I had last night. I kept myself busy and ate well. I also have started taking my […]

  • This is what I need.

    I’m going to only briefly go into the circumstances surrounding how my son was taken for adoption. I got put on a pre-birth plan because I was asked to sign my records over after the malicious reporting started while I was pregnant. I didn’t have to sign it. I found out years later that they […]

  • Christmas doesn’t mean family gatherings for me.

    I know that many people are spending time being invited to gatherings this time of year. I don’t envy them much because those things make me extremely anxious. I don’t have that life. I haven’t really seen my dads family much since he passed away nearly 13 years ago. Mum’s family don’t invite us to […]

  • I am feeling sad.

    I know it’s kind of obvious but I am sad. I’m worried that others will never want anything to do with me again because of recent stuff that has occurred. Silence is causing me sleep issues because I feel like I’ve done something absolutely terrible. Well, I did try but then came to my senses […]

  • I’m not keen on people feeling sorry for me.

    I was told in passing earlier that someone felt sorry for me because I don’t go out or have offline friends. I really don’t want other people’s pity. I don’t want to go out even if I had friends so there is no need to feel sorry for me. I did say I literally hated […]