Author: Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert

  • Personal independence judgement day has come / other reasons I’m closing the website. AND a bit of promo thrown in.

    I got my date through the post for my personal independence payment interview. It’s 20 miles away (40 miles there and back), but they’ve calculated on the expenses form the travel expenses of £2. I know for a fact that it is at least £10 worth of petrol for a round trip from my home […]

  • Progress :)

    I normally wake up feeling like I haven’t slept. However, this morning, was the first time in a long time that I actually felt like I had slept properly. The light was off again when I woke up. That’s the second night in a row. I know that I didn’t turn it off myself. I […]

  • Pushed myself far too hard :(

    I feel quite rough because I have pushed myself too hard quicker than I think I was actually ready. I felt like I could do it but it seems to have knocked me for six. I didn’t go for a nap this afternoon because I was trying to go back to the things that I […]

  • I’m awake already. Surprisingly, I actually had a decent sleep.

    I actually fell asleep straight away last night which is unusual for me. I was restless earlier because I just want the names of the crash victims to be released so that I know if the other person was involved or not. It was very cold and icey out there. My phone had half battery […]

  • Positive day turned into a miserable day :(

    I woke up hopeful because the day started off positively. Then after this morning things progressively got worse. I couldn’t remember my pin code for my card at my hairdresser appointment. I had to Paypal her the money over. I later remembered it but I get scared when my mind just goes blank like that. […]