Something I said I would mention on here…

I said on one of the SEN parents videos that I would publish this on the blog. On 21st June 2023, there will be protests outside the Houses of Parliament by SEN parents regarding the consistent failure to provide adequate support for their children via EHCP (formerly known as a statement when I was at school). The hashtag this information is under is #enoughisenough which is where I assume you’ll find the petition link. I don’t have a huge following but my blog readers know that I was one of those failed children. I live with the trauma of being failed. If the system and attitude toward those with disabilities or any kinds of additional needs doesn’t change then the cycle of traumatised adults and continuation of bad things will keep happening. I know it’s hard to navigate but we deserve better. People shouldn’t have to be fighting to get their children appropriate support in the education system etc. Life shouldn’t have to be a battle against trauma for individuals with any type of disability or additional needs. That trauma prevents us from doing stuff in life and we end up missing out. We shouldn’t have to feel that we are at a constant battle with aspects of the system because they have absolutely no idea how to support us. The strategies that have been developed and executed by the current system by neurotypical professionals aren’t working. They’ve never worked. The only thing they did was make neurodiverse individuals feel more rejected and not normal. As I said previously, things are only done the way they are currently because that is the ‘way it’s always been’. That doesn’t mean we can’t change how it’s always been done. We can all at least try to work together (I know it’s not easy) to change attitudes and create the right supportive environments. I’m very aware that people with additional needs are seen as hard work by neurotypical people. It may be stressful for you during interactions when you get the fallout of a meltdown etc but that is only a fraction of the distress that meltdown etc causes us. I am mentally burnt out because of my adhd type brain thinking about things to the point I have barely slept in months. We have to deal with the condition 24 / 7. We don’t get to walk away to have a break. Our heads are full of distress and anxiety from the inappropriate ineffective ‘support’ / ‘help’ throughout our lives. The school system gives neurodivergent children / teens mental health issues. Mainstream schools actually seem to support bullying if a child is ‘asking for it’ due to being different. It’s like they think that bullying will stop them from displaying those differences. Nope, it just leads to further issues. Please support the above cause because things have needed to be changed for neurodivergent people for many years. We need to stop the cycle of the trauma that neurodivergent adults acquire by the time they have grown up.


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