I’m resting today.

I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. I’ve had lots of sleep but still in bed. I have to get up soon because I have stuff to do. I won’t probably go out my flat today. I need the rest. I haven’t slept properly for a long time. I have at least got rid of my migraine now and I think my jaw is finally getting better now. I’m probably just burnt out. I have tried to function without much sleep for many years. There’s only so long someone can do that before it kicks back at them. I need to heal for a few days. I find it hard to rest. I like to be doing stuff constantly so I don’t think of stuff that upset me in life. I couldn’t have accepted my son’s adoption if I wasn’t this way. I’m too exhausted to think at this point. I have stuff coming up soon which requires me to have some energy.


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