I couldn’t settle all night.

I have to be up in a few hours. It’s 7 am and I didn’t settle the whole night. I have a migraine. I feel absolutely awful. I don’t know what I’m going to wear for where I’m going with mum today. I can’t talk about specifics on here. I am even worse at settling to sleep when I know that I have to be up and sorted by a certain time. I haven’t done housework for a few days and it looks a mess. I can’t eat properly because my jaw hurts. Painkillers don’t ease it off either. I remember burning my mouth a week or so ago on that side but I’m unsure if it’s linked. It’s making my jaw feel stiff and moving it to eat is quite hard. I don’t have a dentist. I haven’t been for probably 4 years or more. The one I used to attend has gone completely private recently and a lot aren’t taking new patients or nhs patients at all now. We have bank holiday from tomorrow so getting a GP appointment is going to be even more difficult. I know that you can ask pharmacists but they probably don’t look into people’s mouths. They can give 2 weeks of antibiotics if they think you’ve got an infection though. If I do have an infection I can’t leave it too long because those things can go septic etc. I also might not be able to eat if it starts stiffening up. I am uncomfortable every time I eat something now. I’m sure that it’s causing me neck ache and upper shoulder ache too. I don’t know if that is connected or just the gym session affects. I woke up after sleeping with my neck in a weird bent position yesterday. If I’m at the point of being too tired I will just crash out in any random position regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. I wish that I could just drop off now. 2 hours ish sleep is better than nothing.


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