I wouldn’t believe everything people say.

I would just like to say something here. Others like to say that they help people but that is just basically only words. Yes, I know I can be brutal with my words but that is due to trauma from my past. I normally only say certain things when I feel ignored or mistreated. That is how I felt. The whole thing about others saying they help people is completely crap. I understand that others are busy but don’t say you’re helpful to others when you’re not. I’m pretty open on here about the recent distress others actions have caused me. I’ve not even got an apology. They made me feel so alone near Christmas ignoring me and then wondered why I turned around and said cruel stuff. I get so fed up of people who have the resources etc not helping those of us that don’t. It’s also false advertising making out you’re a nice person who will help others when you don’t or actually won’t. People mostly only help others when it makes them look good. They don’t see autistic people as actual people… I’m used to being treated like a non person my entire life. I’ve had so many things taken from me, including my own son. It’s the attitude of… you’re not ‘normal’ so we will just take everything you have made and give it to someone classed as normal. It is quite horrible to work so hard and have people constantly take those things from you. They know that they can because society will let them due to my worth being seen as below them.

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