Today is going to feel so long!

I managed to get up for my blood test but only had a few hours sleep. I was still awake at half 6 this morning. I had to be there for 9.55. I set my alarm for quarter to 9. I would just like to point out that you should never fight the z medication. I feel absolutely terrible. On the plus side I definitely probably won’t need to take one tonight. I will be crawling into bed by that point. I didn’t time it right and then did too much stuff before it properly kicked in. I’m walking again because when I’m upset about stuff that is what I do. I have to go home to do stuff later. Have you ever noticed the people that cause you to be having to take medication are the same ones telling you that you shouldn’t be a ‘drug addict’? That’s what my mother was getting at last night. Jokes on her, I managed to take my passport last night before I went home. It needs renewing but I needed the original for the number on it. I’m the last one to break free. I have no mental health clause on me now so I’m free and I’m using that freedom. I do not have to declare my autism to any other country when I try to get in there despite the fact that they tell you that is how it works. Nothing is going to come up at the borders when trying to enter anywhere because that clause is no longer on me and my record is over 5 years old. The only thing it will come up on is enhanced dbs checks for jobs, standards only go back 5 ish years. I’ve never committed any fraud or been done for any crime that would put me on the barring system. I told you all that one day I would clear my name and that is why I was open with my past. I have proven that someone can fight the system and get all the stuff sorted out. Things aren’t perfect and there is still a lot of work to do for proving that I am worthy to reconnect with my son who shouldn’t have been taken off me in the first place if I hadn’t been labelled incorrectly. It all takes time and that may not happen until he has got passed 18 if his adopters aren’t willing about it. I gave birth to him, all they have is legal paperwork which grants ownership of him until the age of 18. That paperwork wouldn’t have been granted if I hadn’t been completely screwed by the so called help / support system when I was younger and they hadn’t played on my over trusting naivety. I’ve sacrificed enough for others during my life. It’s my turn now! I’m not the youngest involved in anything that you can push around and bully anymore.


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