Late night thoughts: hopes now dashed.

I have to be quick typing this before my ‘Z’ medication kicks in. I had my hopes dashed that my monthly issues were finally ending. It acted like it was just about finished for two days. Then it came on again. There must have been a blockage or something but it looks like I didn’t cure my hormone issues. That sucks. I will now have to keep taking iron tablets every time it goes down in the never ending cycle. It’s irritating and been going on for years. I’m quite sure that trauma has bought it on. They only had clots etc after the stuff that happened with my son. They’ve always been heavy but not this way before that. I don’t want to fight this battle any longer it’s exhausting. I wish they could just find out the reason behind this pattern. I have had other weird symptoms like ear scabs, jaw stiffness on one side which is currently causing making it difficult to eat. I’ve had that eye where the lash has fallen out in one place. The GP is making the decision that iron tablets will build iron stores to fix that eye issue. I then started getting the jaw issue. It’s getting irritating now because it’s spreading into different parts of my body with new symptoms like the jaw issue. Then my finger / knee that was already diagnosed with arthritis. I long for solutions long term rather than bandaid plaster short term ones.


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