Weird but good … hopefully.

The iron tablets didn’t have the effect on my monthly that it normally does… no clots whatsoever and only a little heavy on the second day. That was good… been waiting for that to happen for at least the last 5 years. If it balances out and my monthlies are then normal again then logically I shouldn’t have to go back on iron tablets after being on them this time. I have already finished my monthly after only 4 days. I have always had them for 7. I feel better in myself. I’ve finally managed to rebalance my hormones. I have cut down on wkd blue which has estrogen in it, lost weight and changed aspects of my diet. It doesn’t normally work straight away. It has taken two years since making the changes to actually balance stuff out. The next project I have is trying to straighten out my finger strapping it up in a wrap around bandage thing. I’ve done it for a few days and it is starting to look a little straighter. That will take time too but hopefully not as long. I put one around my bad knee when walking too so that it is protected from the impact of long walks. I have walked approximately 45 miles ish in the last 3 days. I haven’t calculated how much I did the entire week but in average I normally get at least 60 odd miles in a week or at least 50 odd miles on a not so good week. I have to go now because it’s 5 am and I haven’t slept yet (working on sleep pattern). I just had to shoo away a tom cat which was hassling Mimi (that black one that gets very aggressive with me). It was chasing her so she jumped up into the window and started hissing at him. He’s always following Mimi about until the point where she isn’t wanting to go outside. It stresses mister out which can cause him to start peeing inside. It’s a shared garden so technically the other cat has as much right to be there as mine. Poor Mimi gets hassled by all the local tom cats including her own brother.

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