Accidentally finding my potential future career.

I had people I know suggest to me that I could probably fix others too. I rebalanced my own hormones because the medical system doesn’t provide a proper service along those lines. I wouldn’t feel confident trying to rebalance other peoples. There’s so much stuff you have to take into consideration. We are all different, not one treatment/method suits everyone and then if someone has an allergy but fails to inform you or doesn’t know themselves it can be a potential liable case. If I give them something that they react to then I could get into trouble. Anyway, regardless, that is a very long way off because the training for these professions take at least 3 years. I think that you also need a lower qualification in chemistry to train to deal with medication. I have the basic gcse grade in biology but I’m not sure if C if high enough. I try to mentally help people all the time but I’m not officially trained for that, it’s from lived experience. I would have to prove o was actually good at the job if I did it all officially and I’m always afraid I won’t meet the grades.

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