Sorted… ish.

I am waiting for the rain to stop so I have a few minutes. The birds decided to use my car as a toilet again so now I have bird crap splattered all down it. I feel like my thighs are getting larger not smaller. I was told that if I used certain equipment at the gym then my thigh size would reduce. It’s not working. I ate a chocolate bar when I got home, the 135g one so I probably lack will power in diet. I’m going the same way as all the older women in my family. They all get wider as they age. I don’t want to be that way. I’m desperately trying to fight it. I know it takes time but what if I can only get my thighs this size and they won’t reduce? Anyway, let’s stop the panicking about my weight. I have spoken to the GP about my eye issue and apparently I have to wait until iron tablets raise my levels because it might be that. I also got something to be able to take so that I can sleep. The Z medication. I haven’t picked them up yet. They weren’t quite ready when I went past the pharmacy. A few more days of lacking sleep won’t make much difference because it’s been this way for months and I’ve always slept less than average. I am tired. I feel like the walking dead. Literally I probably had about 3 hours of sleep. I was still awake at half 7 and then woke up about half 11. Then I had to clear up after my monthly because it got on sheets and even the duvet itself (I have no idea how, I had it tucked under me while sleeping). It’s horrible waking up comfortably and then realising there’s a mess to clean up around you. I had a decent sleep, I think it was actually a deep type rather than that half asleep dozing type I get a lot.


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