Productive day… got loads done!

I am very tired but I was productive the entire day. I’ve made up for the days that I couldn’t get up for most of the day. I got up, made an appointment for blood test which needs to be done for hospital appointment, that is next week so it should be back in time for hospital appointment. I spoke to the GP, did some housework and cleaner cats stuff. I went out to get a few bits from the pound stretchers place for extension plugs and other household stuff. I took them back to the car and then drove back to earl shilton to pick up medication because I was told it was in the process of being authorised the first time I passed on the way out. Then I went back over to Hinckley to get the car washed so that the bird crap was off my car again. I will literally be so annoyed if the birds do it again. I now have gone for the other half of my walk after picking up an extension cord for telephone wire which I have been saying I will replace for months. The other one got accidentally cut when I was having carpets fitted. I’ve had everything in the hallway when it should be in the living room. As for my monthly, it’s behaving itself for once. There has been no clots yet despite restarting iron tablets. It’s only the second day so I hope it stays behaving itself.


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