Some weird stuff has happened this week.

These are definitely signs. I don’t care what anyone says. I believe that there has been a shift in karma for me. I’m sure that I’ve lived my past karma now. I feel internally different, maybe I’m getting old approaching up hill to 40 (36 this October). I don’t think it’s just that though. The repeated numbers have been occurring for ages. I feel grounded for the first time ever in my life. Randomly this week I’ve found snails on my car on 3 separate occasions. They weren’t the same type of snails so definitely weren’t part of a group that decided to go on my car. I picked one up in burbage at the beginning of the week who I relocated in Hinckley and then two others randomly were stuck to my car at home on different days this week. Then Loreen, the entry for Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest won Eurovision. She won the year my son was born just after he got taken into care. I can feel that he’s coming back into my life. I’m not crazy. These are signs. I can assure his adoptive parents that I’m not there to take him away from them. They share a bond with him too which they’ve built with him. I am just wishing for a little bit of contact. I would be happy with just a letter before he reaches the age of 18. I know that it hurts so much to have a child taken away from you… which is why I’d never take him from his adopters. I have proven that all the crap they said to get an adoption approved for my son was wrong otherwise they’d never have let me off the mental health clause. I just wish for some form of relationship with my own child like everyone else takes for granted. I’m not a danger. I have a form of autism but that makes me more unique as a person. I’m not a standard boring neurotypical. I am a birth mother to be proud of and want in his life. I’m not inferior like the social care system tried to make me. I fought the crap that they said about me and eventually won. These things that have happened recently cannot just be a coincidence. I’ve done my karma. I’ve lived out the stuff that I reaped / sown in the past (however the saying goes). I should be able to reconnect with my son now. I’ve paid my dues and I’ve worked hard constantly since his adoption, especially the last few years.


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