I may not sleep due to stuff but others didn’t win from my past eventually.

I’m very tired. I think that I only had about 4 hours sleep not all in one go. I finally got my laptop delivered. I know that I look shit today. I had to put Amla oil through my hair in preparation to wash it. I can’t let my hair dry out too much. I may have sleep issues because of what I was put through in the past but in the end none of you that bullied me or were just plain cruel to me, labelled me etc didn’t win in the end. I was the first one to get off that mental health clause that normally people get stuck on for life. Everything you’ve all ever thrown at me growing up I’ve taken it, used it in the work that I do on the blog, activism, campaigning etc and thrown it right back at the people who made my life a misery when I was younger. The only part you all won on was the trauma that keeps me awake at night. There is no way that you’ll ever stop my success or prevent me from building stuff in my life. I can function on very little sleep so I’m still a challenge for anyone who wants to try to ruin my life again. I would like to say thank you to everyone who viewed my video of Stockwell head as part of the the haunted Hinckley series on TikTok… it’s heading toward 10,000 views and a cat one has had over 7,000 views in one day. Now please share the blog link to make that go viral etc.

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