Today has felt very long and it’s not over.

I was just about to go to bed when the neighbours cat strolled in. I’m now waiting for him to go back out the window with the door shut where I am sleeping. I try not to be intimidated by a cat but he is extremely aggressive. He knows I’m slightly afraid of him attacking me. He never was that aggressive when he first started strolling in. I’m hoping he takes the hint from mister sat there giving him ‘the stare’ that he’s outstayed his welcome. I wouldn’t mind him dropping in if he wasn’t so aggressive towards me. The tabby cat who used to stroll in (the neighbourhood one – he went to everyone around here) had an aggressive streak but this one is nasty with it. He likes to get his own way and tries to take over. They’re now howling and growling at each other. I just had to get mister to leave the fight and take him in the other room with me. I’m hoping the other cat gets bored and decides to stroll out the window.

Earlier I went taking footage for haunted Hinckley series I decided to do on my social media. I went to places in Hinckley where I felt stuff intuitively. I started off at the charity shop where I got sent to work as part of community payback sentence when I had got into trouble back in 2018. I didn’t like it there. The feeling I got there was not nice. I don’t think they use the very top of the building due to stories of what happened in the attic there. I went to the toilet at the back of the shop. As soon as I walked into the back room the air was ice cold. This was around October / November time so it was getting colder outside but the temperature change was a huge dip from the other areas of the shop. I didn’t see anything but I felt stuff. I said I couldn’t go back. I only went in there once. I then went up into Stockwell head and around there. I went up to the building where my parents met which is apparently quite haunted. Then back down to the Concordia theatre end and then via town back to sainsbury’s where I had parked my car. I uploaded them all to TikTok / instagram / facebook /twitter. I had to get a new laptop because mine literally won’t do anything properly now due to age. It takes about half an hour or more to get it to load up. That should get here in tomorrow (well, a few hours now). I’m hoping the cat has gone out by then as I don’t want to bump into the aggressive little shit when I go to answer the door. I know it’s a ridiculous situation but I can’t even spray at him because he goes into attack mode. I also don’t want to have to go pee because it’s right next to the room the cat is chilling in. I really need sleep but I can’t settle because I’m not sure the cat will leave this time.

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