I can’t help being this way but I am going to make myself not be.

I do feel guilty for things I may have said but at the same time I can’t do this permanently. I have apologised. I cannot make others accept my apology… it would make me feel less guilty but I cannot control what other people want to do. I’m not going to let others make me feel bad for who I am, past actions and my life choices any longer. It isn’t fair to expect me to hold onto that stuff. I know that I can’t help it because I’m a sensitive type. However, life doesn’t allow people to be sensitive. It will destroy anyone who enters this world as that type. I don’t want to fight anyone or be on bad terms with anyone but it is what it is because other people have choices too. The whole thing has messed up my sleeping pattern more than it ever was previously. I can’t be that way any longer. I have to sleep at night so I can get up during the day.

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