I’m unable to be passionate about anything right now.

I need to step out for a bit to rest. I can’t sleep at night again. I slept a few hours today but the tiredness has got ridiculous. I can’t be passionate about anything or even remotely interested being this tired. I have tried but it feels forced and I just want to be at home in my bed. I can’t mask / pretend like I was able to do. I feel like I’m trying to climb out of a mental hole constantly. It’s just the lack of sleep in general catching up with me. I think the effects of mental trauma saps any energy I do have sometimes. The battle between the two is hell. I’ve always been someone who wants to communicate… I just don’t want to talk or message chat with anyone right now. I know it’s unusual for me. It’s nothing personal. I just don’t want anyone entering my space by any means because I’m too drained mentally/emotionally to deal with people. I’m hoping it passes when I’ve rested. I only went on a short walk yesterday. I’m trying not to use too much energy on exercise. I need it to do every day life stuff. I can tell I’m on edge right now because I jump at every single noise.

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