Today has been somehow ok.

I have gone for a walk for the first time in a few days. The person coming to pick up the vacuum cleaner arrived in the evening so I didn’t miss them when I dropped off. I must have been worn out because I actually fell asleep during the earlier thunder storm. I’m generally a light sleeper. I woke up after my cat decided it was his dinner time wake up call thinking that with the time I may have missed it. I had to go out to get cat food so I’m glad that the parcel got picked up earlier on in the evening due to pet shop closing at 8. I went out to my car to find that it had tree bits all over it which had come off the tree above in the storm. That was annoying. I’ve had to park under that tree for a few days now due to the car park being full. I got bird poop down it under the other tree and now all the tree stuff on the other side has gone all over my car. It’s really annoying. There wasn’t any spaces before I went out so I’m not expecting to get one when I get back.

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