I was productive today…

I got up quite late but when I was up I did quite a lot. I went out to get a few bits for my flat. I spent a long time with a very bare flat because I mentally thought that is what I deserved. I wasn’t mentally comfortable so I was too unsettled to personalise the decor and have much stuff. I had to also re home a snail earlier. He seemed to not want to get off my car. I accidentally bought him on a 5 ish mile trip home with me on the car during my trip over to family for dinner. I was expecting him to no longer be on my car. Then he suddenly appeared on my window again today. I put him in some green bushes when I got to the supermarket car park. I don’t know why he had stayed on there. I parked under trees last night. Birds live in those trees so I’m surprised they never attempted to eat him. I cleaned the floor when I got back, changed the litter tray and packed up the vacuum cleaner ready for collection tomorrow. I put the clock on the wall, threw the old metal draining rack away (it was going rusty) and put the new one on there. I had to get to bed earlier due to having to be up. I will do some more stuff tomorrow. I did a few loads of washing while getting dinner, having a bath etc tonight too.

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