I’m not the dumb little girl I used to be.

I observe every what’s occurring around here. I assure everyone who used to know me that I’m not the stupid little girl who fell into traps made by others in the past. I’m no longer that naive. I’m not an idiot anymore. I’m on top of everything constantly using my intuition and anything else I have at my disposal to the point of hyper vigilance. That is what happens when you go through trauma. I won’t miss a thing. That is a promise. If someone hands me something to look at I will pick up every single detail of hat others might miss. No one pulls the wool over my eyes ever again! The crap that people pulled on me in the past is never happening ever again! If I have to fight anyone I will do that. I will never let the past happen to me again. I will fight back severely. I refuse to take any bullshit from anyone whoever it may be.

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