This is my view on the coronation…

I’m not particularly one way or the other about the coronation. I’m personally not celebrating it but I don’t have a problem with others doing that. The street parties and most things outside today will be a wash out due to the weather going awful.

The things surrounding the coronation aren’t good though. The new protest laws that everyone was afraid would erode freedom of speech has resulted in protest organisers being arrested by the met police. People have a right to express that they are anti monarchy or that they just don’t see him as king material. I’m not anti monarchy. I am used to them being part of this countries tradition. I do feel that he isn’t king material. He just doesn’t have that thing that his mother had. I can’t specifically identify what that was … he definitely doesn’t have it though. He definitely most likely won’t be thought as highly of as the late queen. He definitely won’t be reining as long as her due to his age. The amount spent on the coronation has caused quite a bit of an uproar because of the cost of living issues currently going on here. The thing I don’t like about this country in general is that the money the government claim isn’t there for funding various things is actually there behind the scenes. It doesn’t get approved to fund the nhs, social care etc … yet it does suddenly materialises for an event like this… the money is there but the allocation is mostly made for the top tier of our society. The rest below aren’t valued enough.

I keep thinking about princess Diana today. I know that many people are also doing the same due to the amount of TikTok videos that have surfaced about her over the past few days. I don’t think that anyone can truly forget what happened back then. I was only a child in 1997. I am now the age she was when she died. There’s so much that has come out since her death that doesn’t make this king look good. He was cruel to her. That is why many of us will find it hard to see camilla as queen. It doesn’t sit right. Yes, he always loved camilla and was pushed into marrying Diana due to circumstances. If he had married the woman he wanted then no one would probably have an issue with her. The circumstances which came from his marriage with Diana made the one he truly loved look the awful home wrecker openly having an affair because she was also married to another person. It’s hard for the public to accept her in that role after the history there. I wish him good luck in the role as king but I won’t be pledging any type of allegiance to him.

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