The reception in Hinckley is still awful!

I popped over to Hinckley to get a few bits. He he reception over here is still horrendous and extremely patchy so I’m using a Wi-Fi connection again. I’ve not eaten today but I did overdo my calorie allowance yesterday so I’m balancing it out. I’m still tired. I had lots of sleep throughout today. I didn’t watch the coronation but it have seen bits of it from creators posting stuff on TikTok. Camilla looked so uncomfortable being crowned. Even King Charles himself didn’t look very happy. I would probably be anxious in front of the whole nation though. I’m anxious even not in front of they many people. I can’t see my blog viewers so I can post on here without feeling nervous. I literally lose my voice due to anxiety in offline life which can be quite annoying. I also heard about the viewings opening up for the flat in fife this morning. I have to email them back with information but I’m not yet because I need to think about how to sell myself.

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