Exhaustion hit me today.

I had one of those days where I slept a lot. I felt like someone had dragged all my energy out of me.I don’t ache from yesterdays gym session… yet (that will probably hit by tomorrow). The cats enjoyed our nap day. They snuggle up with me. Mimi even likes me to put my arm around her while she’s sleeping. She puts her head and paw either on my arm / hand or in my hand. Mister does the same but he would rather lie long ways and snuggle his paw/head into me rather than his whole body. Mister is also a cat that likes to come sit on my lap or legs to watch tv. Mimi doesn’t do that. She will sit next to me on the sofa but never on me. They’ve now woken up hungry so I have to go. I finally got my hair to take the purple dye last night. I had to buy a darker shade because the lighter shade would not stay in the bleached ends of my hair. I keep having dry issue with my hair. I don’t think the various products are working. I think that they make the issue worse. I seem to do better with natural oils rather than all these anti frizz serums.

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