Ugh! It’s just never ending now.

I’m flattered that I have had a string of men DM me and approach me for dates etc recently but it is never ending. I don’t even swing your way. I just never seem to get any females liking me. They don’t even want to be my friend. The male attention makes them all more hostile toward me. I am not even trying to attract the opposite sex. I’m happy single. Please … I feel like I need a big stick to fight them off or something. I lost weight for me not to get a man. I don’t even want a man. I would prefer to settle with a woman.

One response to “Ugh! It’s just never ending now.”

  1. I followed your blog after reading through some of your earlier posts. This one in particular made me giggle.

    I never saw myself as attractive, but apparently a lot of men find me to be an attractive woman. I was never interested in men. Ever. I am a total lesbian, and an independent and successful one. And despite the fact that I’m happily married to another woman, this only seems to add fuel to the fire.

    A lot of men think that they are far more skilled in what a woman like me wants, and that being with them will change my mind. 🙄


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