I’m going to let my intuition lead me.

I have been thinking about moving away recently. I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. I had no idea where I wanted to actually go. However, then I had a dream last night. I was living in Scotland. I thought about it for a while going through every excuse in my head as to why moving 300 ish miles away, packing up all my stuff plus the cats for a 6 hour drive to the new location would be an issue. I am scared at the cost of a removal van to go that far, even those little van removals would be expensive. I decided to look at a website advertising rental properties in Scotland. I didn’t really see any that impressed me much until Fife (the place) came into my head and then the next one I saw on the list for a 1 bedroom property ground floor was in fife. It looks exactly what I would need. Pets are even welcome with a pet agreement and a slightly large deposit. I have the money saved up to make the move. I have to give notice on the flat I’m in now if I get the place otherwise I will be liable for both rents. I know that if I don’t make that move soon I’m stuck in the place I was born forever. It’s not good for me here. I never wanted to return here and if circumstances hadn’t been as they were then I wouldn’t have came back here. One more thing, I am sick of the expression used by neurotypical people about using our autism as an excuse. It’s not an excuse, it’s merely a reason and if neurotypical people had our brain they would realise. If they could see autism then they wouldn’t be saying that either. For instance, you can’t expect a person with a broken leg to get up and walk etc.

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