Well, today didn’t go to plan.

So I should really check opening times of places before going over to random parts of Leicester. The only day it closed early I made the trip over there. I have so much to do at home that I have put off. I think that I will have to check my car before I go home because it sounds like it has lost the oil again. I’m thinking that it probably has a leak. The previous car that I had did the same thing and I think the one before that which I inherited from dad may have done the same issue too. That makes me highly suspicious that people vandalise the cars where I live. There was a thing a couple of years ago where they were going around piercing the underneath of cars making holes so that the oil etc leaked out. It’s weird how every car I’ve had has had the same issue. I popped in the gym to use the toilet. I pay enough money to be a member there and there is nothing saying that you’re not allowed. It’s a long drive to Leicester and back. I popped over Hinckley to get a few bits to save me going out tomorrow. I really have to have the day at home to do what I need to do. I also need to collect my medication and take something back over to Leicester tomorrow now I know the opening hours. I forgot how busy the city was… it’s been years since before the pandemic I went over that way. It wasn’t a totally wasted day. I took the car through the car wash after the birds pooped all down the bonnet.

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