I don’t like it.

There are certain things I don’t like and I’m not willing to compromise on. I only put my number online to set up accounts etc. I never allow it to be on public display. I have already mentioned the incident of someone calling me from a no caller id number a few months ago. It happened again twice tonight after midnight. I declined to voicemail both times but they don’t leave a message. I’m not answering the phone that time of night to a no caller id number. If it was legitimately someone wanting to talk to me they would leave a message. That is what voicemail is designed for. I don’t know what country these calls are coming from. I had two different numbers from America call me before that. I didn’t answer those either because sometimes marketing numbers are from different country codes. I’m a nervous person as it is without this happening. It’s late at night and I live on my own. I get scared. I may act tough but quite honestly that is something I don’t want to keep happening.

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