Mentally free at last.

I’m not sure how I pulled the getting up at half 4 having to get dressed etc and making it out to collect a parcel from the next town but I managed it. I got toothpaste down my jumper though. It was only a little bit. I tried to rub it off but it’s come back to the surface. I fed the cats while I was getting dressed. I can move fast when I realise that I need to due to things closing. That happens when you have a slap dash sleep pattern. I’m now seeing less repeated numbers (the last one I saw was 555 which I don’t like-doesn’t mean anything bad but refers to change etc). I’m no longer seeing references that relate to others. I worked out what my intuition has been trying to tell me for a while. I can be a bit dim sometimes. I did have a preoccupied mind with things I was trying to do though. I have learnt to act dim while I was under the system. Sometimes I can genuinely not get it because my logic differs from many peoples because I see tiny details that others just naturally don’t see. It’s sometimes isn’t that easy to work out what those details mean. I can’t work out stuff when I’m overwhelmed with things I’m trying to achieve in life. As I said, when I managed to get off that 117 mental health clause I finally had time to think after about 6 months within that process of trying to get back get that goal. I let my intuition guide me rather than fighting it and the answer literally appeared right in front of my eyes. I had to use the intelligence I keep hidden to navigate something that literally no one has done previously. As I previously said, I had to hide parts of myself in the system.

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