Late night thoughts: I would like to talk about the blog.

I just had feedback from my mother about my blog being too negative and that I shouldn’t talk about certain things. That I put people off me by talking about certain parts of my life. I would just like to point a few things out. The blog is neither negative or positive… life isn’t one or the other. That is what I want to depict on here. This is my reality warts and all… it is what it is etc. I may talk about my life to others too naively, however, I’ve been completely committed to proving that I’m not what I have been labelled. I’ve just done that in a spectacular way. I was the first to get off one of those lifetime 117 section aftercare things. That requires being assessed, if that assessment doesn’t deem you safe/sane then you won’t get taken off the clause. That was a big f you to all those people who made assumptions that I was a danger or mentally deranged etc during my life. When I get that document I will put it up (obviously with personal information blanked out) to prove that the system has officially certified me as not a danger and I’m now officially mentally stable. The social worker is getting a copy forwarded to me for my records. I don’t care if others don’t like it. People always go on about living your true self with authenticity but then punish people for doing that exact thing. There are people who like my blog despite the realness and brutal honesty. I say it how it is. There’s no set rules about what we should or shouldn’t discuss. The things that are acceptable mainstream are merely a social construct that has gone through multiple generations. We don’t have to repeat what every previous generation has done. It’s not helped change things for the better. I suffer with my monthlies. I’m not going to pretend it’s all ok when it isn’t. That is real life stuff that many women go through but they’re told it’s shameful to share their issues with others. People shouldn’t have been taught to ‘suffer in silence’.

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